The Global Snakebite Initiative is very proudly affiliated with and supported by the membership of the International Society on Toxinology, a confederation of scientists, medical experts, herpetologists and other like-minded professionals from around the world, who have made understanding the actions of animal, plant and microbial toxins, and searching for opportunities to use that information for the benefit of man.


The Global Snakebite Initiative is forming strategic research alliances with leading snake venom, antivenom and snakebite researchers from around the world. We believe that answering the questions that have denied thousands access to life-saving antivenoms is a truly global challenge and that the best way to accomplish our goals is to bring as many partners together to work on overcoming problems as possible. Links to the websites of our research partners can be found on the Resources & Links page.


Delivering solutions to snakebite problems can’t be accomplished by remote control, so the GSI is working at developing partnerships with organizations within countries where we hope our ideas and strategies can have a positive and sustainable effect. Local partners who understand the specific problems within their own communities are a vital to the success of development projects, so the GSI is actively engaging with local people and organizations to build relationships that will help all of us deliver the best solutions we can. Some of our current development partners include:

Local organisations who are interested in partnering with the GSI should contact us to discuss how we can help to deliver local solutions to snakebite problems in their communities. GSI would also be pleased to discuss collaborations with institutions and development partners in developing nations