GSI Director, Professor David A Warrell receives Redi Award at IST’s 17th World Congress on Animal, Plant & Microbial Toxins

Honolulu, Wednesday 11th July 2012: The International Society on Toxinology has honoured a lifetime of work and commitment to the cause of snakebite victims around the world, to GSI Director, Professor David A. Warrell. The Redi Award, named after 17th Century Italian scientist Franceso Redi, one of the fathers of modern toxinology, is the IST’s highest award, and was presented to Professor Warrell at the IST’s recent 17th World Congress held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, in Honolulu, Hawaii from 8-13 July, 2012.

Redi Award Citation:

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of toxinology, the Redi Award of the International Society on Toxinology is given to Professor David Warrell.
David Warrell has had a stellar career in clinical medicine, where he has contributed substantially to the understanding of tropical diseases and to improving outcomes for patients. From his initial degree in animal physiology, through his clinical and doctoral studies and beyond, David’s path has been marked by prizes, honours and awards. He has worked extensively in the field, including being a consultant for the World Health Organisation in India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Malaysia.

In addition to his contributions to infectious and other tropical diseases, David has produced significant insights into the clinical effects of snake bite, and his work has helped the treatment of patients. He published the first randomised comparative clinical trial in snake bite (and followed up with similarly pioneering work in cerebral malaria and rabies), and he has produced many papers that document precisely the signs and symptoms following envenoming. He has collaborated with research scientists to develop rapid diagnostic tests for snake bites. Taken together, his work has substantially improved the ability of clinicians throughout the world to deal with medical emergencies associated with snake bites.

Professor Warrell has produced over 400 publications and has also contributed immensely to the health of his discipline through his editorial work and his leadership. Without question, he has made a major contribution to clinical toxinology. It is with admiration and respect that the Society bestows upon him its highest honour – the Redi Award (2012).

Charity Walk in aid of AntivenomSwazi Foundation

Two British men, Richard Storey and Peter Venables are going to walk over 100 miles to raise money for the AntivenomSwazi Foundation.

The walk will leave Caernarfon in Wales on Saturday 14th July 2012 and follow the Llyn Peninsular coastal path for around 95 miles and then walk back to Caernarfon over 4-5 days (~110 miles in total) hoping to raise more money as they go.

Proceeds of the walk will be used to buy antivenoms for the AntivenomSwazi Foundation in Swaziland. You can contribute directly to this effort by following the link below.


17th World Congress on Animal, Plant & Microbial Toxins

The International Society on Toxinology is holding its 17th World Congress at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, in Honolulu, Hawaii (USA) from 8-13 July, 2012.

A Congress Website has been established with full information on the Congress. For the first time, the Congress is being held in conjunction with Venom Week 2012, and the expectation is that this will be the largest Congress ever held by the IST.

GSI Director, Professor David A. Warrell will present an update on the work of the Global Snakebite Initiative at the Congress.