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We welcome donations towards specific projects via our Projects Page. Our aim is to ensure that 100% of funding received for specific projects is spent on those projects, and nowhere else. Donations can be in any amount, as every dollar helps someone. A dozen US$10 donations from a group of school children or workmates is enough to pay for a vial of antivenom, and every US$540 raised, effectively saves a life in Africa. For example:

  • US$10 will provide gumboots to a village farmer in rural Papua New Guinea, providing vital protection against snakebites while he/she works in their garden growing food to support their family.
  • US$12 will meet the basic daily hospital costs of a snakebite patient in Swaziland, including dressings costs and basic medication.
  • S$135-160 will buy a vial of antivenom that can help make up a course of treatment for a snakebite victim in Kenya or Swaziland (US$540 will pay for a full 4 vial course of treatment).
  • US$150 will pay for a prosthetic limb for a person who has lost an arm or leg due to snakebite.
  • US$200-300 would cover the costs of skin grafting to repair tissue damage caused by the bite of a snake with necrotic venom.
  • US$2000 will fund a research grant that will enable a local scientist in a developing country to investigate a snakebite problem and try to find a solution. It’s also an investment in a future local snakebite expert who can use the skills they develop to help their community.

We also welcome sponsorship of GSI activities, such as our Small Grants Scheme for Developing World Researchers, or to help us meet operating costs, which while we try to keep as low as possible (all of us are volunteers, and payments to directors are prohibited by our Constitution), still add up. Corporate sponsorship of antivenom purchases by companies who work in the countries our projects are targeting will save lives and limbs. We also welcome offers of in-kind support, whether it be helping us to set up GSI offices in other countries, transporting antivenoms, or a medical professional to help out at a hospital in a snakebite-prone area, and assist by training local staff, we are all ears and would love to hear from you.


If you would like to help please donate using the information below or email us to discuss other ways in which you can support the work of the Global Snakebite Initiative:

If you wish to earmark your donation to a specific project please use one of the following Project Reference Codes on your donation deposit paperwork or e-banking form to identify how you would like the Global Snakebite Initiative to use your gift:

Project Project Reference CODE
GSI Trust Account* GSI TRUST
GSI Small Grants Scheme GSI Grants
African Snakebite Recovery Fund GSI African Fund
Antivenom Swazi Foundation GSI Swaziland
Indian Snakebite Project GSI India
James Ashe Antivenom Trust GSI Kenya

* Donations to the GSI Trust Account will be shared equally across all projects.

Online banking or direct deposits

International donations, and Australian electronic banking donations can be made online through your online banking website. Australian donations can also be made through any branch of the ANZ Bank. Visit your ANZ Branch today, and make your donation to:

Account Name Global Snakebite Initiative
Ashgrove (Qld) Branch BSB 014210
Account Number 205122079

Credit Card donations

Under Construction

Our online credit card facility is currently under construction while the GSI geeks work on integrating SSL security to ensure that your online donations are protected by the best resources available on the internet today. We hope to have this service up and running as soon as possible, but since we value online security, we can’t afford to cut corners.